Portfolio: Sophomores


When presented with the project of creating a movie poster for an Alfred Hitchcock movie, Champagne, I was drawn to its own specific use of type. Due to its nature as a silent film, the dialogue of the characters was mostly expressed through type. The events of the movie that needed to be explained had to be either written on a black screen or more uniquely, in the form of a newspaper.

Marnie Movie Poster

This poster was created for the Alfred Hitchcock movie Marnie. Identity is a major theme of the movie as the main character, Marnie, uses various identities to succeed in thievery. This poster exaggerates Marnie’s use of identities with multiple social security cards, each having a different social security number. With this poster, the viewer can remove a social security card feeling similar to Marnie while obtaining information about the movie.

Bagel and Menu Board

Bageland’s current chalk menu boards do not accurately represent the restaurant. In an effort to update the business and welcome the wide range of customers, I created a black and white illustrated menu board to convey informality and professionalism. I also created a menu board key that would be printed on napkins for take-out and dine-in customers to function as a souvenir of their wonderful Bageland experience.