Portfolio: Seniors

Living Ruins

Living Ruins is a campaign aimed to educate and promote awareness for the coral reefs of the world, emphasizing their importance to tourism, fishing industries, coastline and biodiversity protection, and medical research. The infographic displays percentages and numbers on how much income is generated by ten of the largest reefs in the world as well as comparing the benefits they provide to economies and marine life with the threats the reefs face.


Rad/Reckless is a series that explores the influence of the American underground music scene on the lives and visual works of three graphic designers. Each book focuses on three alternative rock genres and the designers that gave them a presence from the 1970s to 1990s: new wave, punk, and grunge. Each cover features close crops of textiles from popular fashion trends of this era juxtaposed against grungy hand lettering with stark angles, and edgy colors.

Infinite Ink Collective

The Infinite Ink Collective is a fictional lifestyle society that provides its members with a place to share their love for the art of rich yet simplistic, minimalist tattoos. An identity was created with a visual system based on minimalism in color, shape, and a stamp-like logo. When a member joins, a mailer package is sent with items such as a sketchbook, buttons, postcards, and a temporary tattoo info graph displaying recent tattoo statistics.


LaughteRx is a book series on humor in graphic design. The jackets are reminiscent of medicinal packaging while the contents/covers are made of photographed candies. The three different types of candies were used to represent the respective designer (i.e. Smarties for Milton Glaser), therefore alluding to the well-known phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine.”

Ladi Dadi

“Ladi Dadi” is a three part book series focusing on three influential psychedelia artists from the 1960s Wes Wilson, Victor Moscoso, and Rick Griffin. The phrase Ladi Dadi comes from a 60s slang term meaning LSD which was a major influence of the psychedelic art movement. These book covers are inspired from the 60s psychedelic movement using tie dye, geometric shapes, layering and trippy effects, and bold colors.

One Paper Bag

One Paper Bag is a paper bag company designed to manufacture fully functional paper bags. For this series of grocery bags, the two larger sides are comprised of posters which include inspirational life quotes concerning acts of kindness and good-doing for the community. The two smaller sides contain a calendar, ruler, bookmarks, and to-do lists that can be cut out by the user. An infographic poster was also created to inform the user of recycling and paper consumption facts.

Adventures With Food

Adventures with Food is a publication that seeks to expose different types of cuisine in an approachable manner. Each issue focuses upon one particular style of food and one specific meal. This particular issue focuses upon Persian cuisine and goes through the basics of a Persian meal explaining the ingredients and steps needed to create an authentic meal. The design is focused upon simple use of type and photography to easily communicate with audiences.


Curriculum is a book jacket series designed for books on influential graphic design educators. The three designers chosen were Armin Hofmann, Katherine McCoy, and Paul Rand, all known for their profound influence on a design school as well as graphic design, itself. The series uses the iconic apple to differentiate each designer, as well as a bold use of typography to give the books a strong message, as the designers would have made upon their students during their tenure.