Portfolio: Seniors

Type of Addiction

“Type of Addiction” is a virtual exhibit of the legacy of Robert Brownjohn. A Timeless figure, he was The pioneer of type and image, and motion design before it even existed. I created an interactive magazine to be distributed in an airplane, entertaining the passengers about the rockstar behind the designs they already know and love. Innovation & risky wit were the key concepts motivating me to create a representation of someone that was truly ahead of his time.

Sounds of the Future

The focus of this art and design project was to explore ways to produce music and sound by pairing new and old technology. Plexi-glas and a package were printed using only a laser-etcher. When played on a turntable, the laser cut record produces an erie sound countering its nature as a beautiful object.


Lucidity is an exploration of the largely unknown realm of sleep and lucid dreaming. Educating the reader of the dreaming process with a print infographic and “what, why, how” booklet. The recipient is provided a sleep-kit that includes a journal for documenting dream excursions and packaging collateral to promote deep sleep. The kit as a whole functions as a beginner’s guide to lucid dreaming.

Graphic Cow Lookbook

This look book was designed as and expansion project for The Graphic Cow, a t-shirt design and printing company in South Carolina. This design was aimed at the expansion of their growing greek collegiate market, and features farm related illustrations, hand drawn type, and interactive sections to keep the users engaged with the content.

Musical Chairs

This poster depicts famous furniture styles throughout history and personifies them by giving them a specific theme song from pop culture. The poster was designed to be whimsical in nature while fusing popular designs of the past with pop culture of today.

Visual Language Book Series

Fabricating a book series, I selected three important individuals in Graphic Design history who I felt had very different design approaches: David Carson (intuitional), Michael Bierut (practical), and Massimo Vignelli (controlled). I assigned a shape to each designer as a representation of these methods. I in turn used them to create abstract compositions that were laser cut from a minimalistic white cover. These forms reveal small fragments of the designers’ portraits printed on the book covers below.

Quick Fix Food Truck

Quick Fix is a hypothetical food truck that specializes in fast but healthy food options for those on-the-go. The truck not only provides fresh, organic food but also seeks to educate the consumers on simple, healthy changes they can make within their diets. The collateral includes a water cup, napkins, and a sandwich wrap (all of which inform “rules” for better food choices), as well as check-off order sheets for specialized pita sandwiches.

Berlin ist Arm Aber Sexy

While completing an internship at Lure Design, Inc., I created a series of posters, cards, sketchbooks, and bags inspired by my recent travels abroad. Berlin was one of my favorite cities and while I was there I heard a quote that stuck with me: “Berlin ist arm, aber sexy” (Berlin is poor but sexy). I felt like it captured some of the spirit that I experienced and wanted to pay homage to it.

A Simple Idea

A Simple Idea is a fictional exhibition celebrating the works of Saul Bass and his uncanny ability to transform complex ideas into simple forms. The promotional kit includes a sketchbook to help with your creative process, postcards to share, and a DVD of Bass’ award winning film Why Man Creates.


Twofold approaches the culture of twins and how twins are perceived in society, serving to communicate dualities and complexities of twinship by layering outside views that are projected on twins with my personal experiences. Despite convictions of differences between my sister and I, the genetic connection between us is precisely what spurs wonderment in the world of singletons. Tea parties are held for conversations with twins on preconceived notions on twin relationships.