Portfolio: Juniors

Letter Bits

Letter Bits was designed with the aim of teaching children the alphabet. It is suggested that the child begins with the lowercase letter set, and move onto the uppercase set. Letter Bits will teach your child or student the skills they need from learning the shapes of letters to being able to write and read words and sentences.

Paynes Prairie Poster

This project is an awareness poster for Paynes Prarie, and I really wanted to make the design elements relevant to the subject. The horse represents fauna, and the connection that horses historically have with the prairie. The seminole patterns also give historical value to the design while providing visual interest that the ‘hip crowd’ will understand in modern day life.

Paynes Prairie Poster

Although a prairie is typically known to be composed of mostly flat terrain, it may still show delicate changes across that terrain. This poster embodies that concept by physically showing elevations across the paper. The typography of the poster furthers this idea by actually rising off the paper. However, the physical elevations on the paper can only be seen by observing closely, thus making the viewer explore Paynes Prairie in a new way.


For this Packaging Project I wanted to really emphasis the work that goes into cracking open Macadamia and Kukui Nuts. Through research, I learned that Makili means “cracked” in Hawaiian, and from that I created a brand name and cohesive packaging scheme that invited user interaction, and provided a high quality appeal. The Products shown are soap, cooking oil, and truffles.

Moveable Rubik Type

This Rubik’s cube serves as a handheld wooden letter press that can reassemble the anatomical structure of six historic typefaces: Blackletter, Baskerville, Poster Bodoni Futura, Helvetica, and Gotham. The letter “m” was chosen as it is the standard from which all other em widths within an alphabet are derived. The use of a Rubik’s cube serves as an analogy for the evolution and complication of typography over centuries.

Paynes Prairie Bison

This poster’s purpose is to inform the viewer about the removal of bison from Paynes Prairie, while also providing the nutritional facts for bison meat. When the bison were removed and sold to ranches around the US, it was guaranteed that they were not being slaughtered. The pairing of bison burger details with the descriptions of the bison removal is causes the viewer to question the credibility of the guarantees made concerning the bisons’ safety.

Paynes Prairie Poster

Created as a promotional poster for Paynes Prairie, Florida’s first state preserve, this poster highlights the prairie’s unique biological diversity while referencing vintage travel posters.

Pillow Talk

Sometimes your Prince Charming isn’t always well— charming. Arguing can be healthy for any relationship, but negative energy can easily get out of hand. Take a moment to breathe. Pillow fights are a classic childhood activity that releases your aggressive energy. This clever Urban Outfitter’s inspired product helps you be more rational by activating those childhood emotions to alleviate stress while helping you and your loved one build a stronger bond.


Inspired by the life-long commitment educators make to rising generations, this special issue of Curiosity is aimed to help educators develop their professional knowledge of the latest educational technology. The design is a critical aspect, because it elevates the professional design standards of early childhood education through stimulating patterns, efficient type, sleek layouts, and a zesty color palette.

Paynes Prairie Poster

This poster for Paynes Prairie is meant to emphasize the natural beauty of the park, particularly within the botanical realm. I wanted to create an eye-catching advertisement that retained the aesthetic beauty of the park itself. The design features a collage of illustrations taken from the Rare Books Library here at UF, most of them done by renowned explorer and horticulturist John Bartram during his time in Alachua County.